[61], Opposition players continued to try to stop Richard through physical intimidation, and he often retaliated with equal force. Teammate and coach Toe Blake said the moniker was fitting because "when he would take off, nothing got in his way that could stop him". [101], Upon his retirement as a player, Selke offered Richard a job as a team ambassador and promised to pay him his full playing salary in the first year. Many said he looked like "a small ox on skates." Indeed, Richard's professional career from 1942 to 1960 paralleled the growth in Quebecois consciousness that culminated in. He instead worked as a sporting goods salesman for several years until the Canadiens lured him back with an offer to serve as the team's goodwill ambassador. He won the title as the top scorer in the league, making 50 goals in the first 50 games and earning 73 points. [4] [67], Following two days of deliberation, Campbell announced that he had suspended Richard who was leading the NHL's overall scoring race at the time for the remainder of the regular season and the playoffs. Despite the assaults, Campbell remained in his seat until another protester threw a tear gas canister into the audience. During the same time, Richard was called to the Canadian Military Recruitment Office for duty, but the offer was turned down because of an injury. Richard returned the following season and led the Habs to a Stanley Cup win and was then named captain of his team. For most hockey fans who arent taught Canadian, and in specific, Quebec history, one wouldnt recognize just how important Maurice Richard was to the French-Canadian people of Quebec. Bruin players tried to defend against the bloody, glassy-eyed Richard, but he closed in on Bruin goalie, Jim Henry, and managed to flip the puck into the goal. is 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) Reference: Wikipedia, FaceBook, Youtube, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, Tiktok, IMDb. From 14 times, eight of those selections were for the First All-Star Team. . Maurice Richard was born on the 4th of August, 1921. He played in the first thirty-one games of the season and scored seventeen points before breaking his wrist. Lucille helped Maurice off his frustrations during trials, injuries, and life in general. Maurice Richard earned enough fortune from his professional NHL career. Unfortunately, a riot occurred afterward, causing damage worth $500,000, also leaving some deep wounds among the French community. [137], There is a Maurice Richard fonds at Library and Archives Canada. Hockey was a national passion, and Richard was one of the great heroes of the game. He would lead the league in goal scoring four more times in his career on his way to becoming the first NHL player to score 500. When he was 18 years old and playing for the Paquette junior team, he scored 133 of the team's 144 goals during the season. Only sixteen games into the season, Richard suffered another broken leg. . He was the oldest of eight children and did not have an opportunity to begin playing hockey until he was fourteen years old. Singer, songwriter, pianist Brandon Montour Wife Ryian Montour: Relationship Timeline And Pregnancy. [46] The Punch line was broken up after Blake suffered a career-ending leg injury. It was terrifying. ." During a March 1990 meeting, the Canadian artist Jean-Paul Riopelle presented his idol Maurice Richard with a gift - an abstract painting on the side of a nearly 7-foot door. You have entered an incorrect email address! George Russell Bio: Girlfriend, Net Worth & LaMelo Ball Bio: Lawsuit, Girlfriend & Net Davion Mitchell Bio: NBA Contract, Girlfriend, Net Who Is Valentin Tarasenko? [80] He scored the second and ultimately Cup-clinching goal in the fifth and final game, a 31 victory. Returning to the Royals for the 1941-42 season, Richard lasted thirty-one games before another injurythis time, a broken wristput him out of action. Maurice Richard is the most famous professional ice hockey player in Canada (born on August 4, 1921, and died on May 27, 2000). Richard went to the Montreal Technical School to become a machinist at the age of sixteen. [18] They were engaged when he was 20, and though her parents felt she was too young, married on September 12, 1942, when she was seventeen. http://www.canoe.ca/HockeyRocketRichard/may27_pm.html (October 17, 2002). "Prime Minister Chretien Speaks Out." [65] One fan threw a tear gas bomb at Campbell, which resulted in the Forum's evacuation and the game's forfeiture in Detroit's favour. Richard again reached lofty scoring totals in 194647, leading the league with 45 goals in a 60-game season and winning the Hart Trophy as the league's most valuable player for the only time of his career. Maurice Richard was born in 1921. [40] Richard never won the point title, finishing second five times in his career. His numbers are remarkable when you take into account all the games he missed due to injury. He was greeted with jeers and insults and after he took his seat, a variety of objects began raining down on him. Maurice A. Richard, 1925-2005 (Obituary from the Lewiston Sun Journal, April 27, 2005) MEXICO - Maurice A. Richard, 79, died Tuesday, April 24, at his residence. Do no more harm. His goals scored were the most in NHL history until Gordie Howe scored his 545th in the early 1960s. After Maurice was born, Onsime began working for Canadian Pacific Railway. Maurice McDonald and his younger brother, Richard McDonald were born in Manchester, New Hampshire. The outraged fans of the Canadiens threw eggs at Campbell when he was trying to take his seat at the Montreal Forum for the next game of the regular season between the Canadiens and the Red Wings the following St. Patricks day. Richard was a small player in a big man's game, standing less than six feet tall and weighing Little Richard Penniman is a rock and roll pioneer in every sense of the word. Richard did not play for the rest of the season and failed to win the scoring title that year. Richard's mark would not actually be surpassed until Bobby Hull scored 54 goals in 65 games while playing for the Chicago Blackhawks during the 196566 season. An estimated 50,000 people waited in line to pay their respects at a public showing held in the Molson Centre hockey arena before Richard's funeral at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. One of the most admired figures in professional sports, Mario Lemieux has enjoyed a lengthy career filled, Mauriac, Franois (11 October 1885 - 1 September 1970), Maurepas, Jean Frdric Phlippeaux, comte de, Maurras, Charles Marie Photius (18681952), http://espn.go.com/classic/biography/s/Richard_Maurice.html, http://www.canoe.ca/HockeyRocketRichard/may27_dead.html, http://www.joyofhockey.com/xRet1MauriceRichard.html, http://www.canoe.ca/HockeyRocketRichard/may27_pm.html, http://www.canoe.ca/HockeyRocketRichard/may27_roc.html, https://www.encyclopedia.com/sports/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/richard-maurice, http://www.classicsports.com/cp/HallofFame/RocketRichard.htm, https://www.encyclopedia.com/history/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/maurice-richard, Born August 4 to Onesime and Alice Richard in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Begins playing in National Hockey League (NHL) for Montreal Canadiens, Leads National Hockey League in scoring with fifty goals, Wins Hart Trophy as NHL's Most Valuable Player, Leads National Hockey League in scoring with forty-three goals, Leads National Hockey League in scoring with thirty-seven goals, Shares leading National Hockey League scoring record with thirty-eight goals, Suspension leads to riot in Montreal in protest, Montreal Canadiens begin string of five consecutive Stanley Cup victories, Works for Montreal Canadiens as special team ambassador, Maurice Richard Trophy created by National Hockey League for season's top goal scorer, Wins Hart Trophy as NHL's Most Valuable Player during regular season. Even when injuries slowed down Maurice just before the end of his career, his presence in the lineup would inspire other teammates and help them win their fourth and fifth championship in 1959 and 1960. Numerous honours were bestowed upon Richard throughout and following his career: the Canadian Press named him its male athlete of the year on three occasions,[119] and in 1957, Richard won the Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada's athlete of the year. This decision came when Richard was at the peak of his career and leading his team Montreal Canadiens for first place in the NHL in scoring. Maurice "Rocket" Richard (1921-2000) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player. [40] Richard finished second in the voting for the Hart Trophy as league MVP behind Lach. [115] Richard's companion late in his life was Sonia Raymond.[116]. L'honorable Joseph Henri Maurice Richard, C.P., O.C., O.Q. Although he was often criticized himself for his rough tactics on the ice, Richard's rivalry with Detroit Red Wings star Gordie Howe delighted fans of both teams. [70] Over 50 stores were looted and 37 people injured. Borden, Timothy "Richard, Maurice Although his fans' passions sometimes boiled over, as in the infamous riot that followed his 1955 suspension, they also contributed to the newfound pride of French-speaking Canadians in their language and heritage that led to a cultural renaissance in the province in the 1960s and beyond. It was the menace implicit in him each time he swooped in on an opposing goaltender, often with another player clinging to his back. We all wore the famous number9 on our backs. Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers. Richard was finish his career with eight Stanley Cup titles, 544 goals with another 82 playoff goals and over 1000 penalty minutes. [19], Having recovered from his broken ankle in time for the 194142 season, Richard returned to the QSHL Canadiens, with whom he played 31 games and recorded 17 points before he was again injured. The 1943-44 season was Richards welcoming party into the NHL. Unfortunately, the exact net worth of Maurice Richard is not known, but he sure lived quite a luxurious lifestyle in his later days. [12] He scored four goals in ten regular season games, and added six goals in four playoff games as Verdun won the provincial championship. [111], While he was a popular player throughout Canada, Richard was an icon within Quebec. No wonder he lit up every arena in which he performed. Acknowledged as one of the best players in the sport's history, Maurice Richard's significance reached beyond the hockey rink. Onesime and Alice had moved from the Gasp region to Nouveau-Bordeaux so that Onesime could work as a machinist at the Canadian Pacific Railway. Richards brilliancy in the game was unbeatable. In November 1952, by scoring his 325th regular-season goal against Chicago, Richard surpassed Nels Stewart as the NHLs All-Time Leader. Encyclopedia of World Biography. Bird, Heather. Maurice Richard: Career http://www.canoe.ca/HockeyRocketRichard/may27_dead.html (October 17, 2002). . The team subsequently swept the series to claim their first NHL victory since the league assumed sponsorship of the Stanley Cup in 1926. [52] The photograph by Roger St.Jean is among the most famous images of Richard. Richard." Onesime Richard was a carpenter by profession, and after the birth of Maurice, he got a job in the Canadian Pacific Railway. Richard. 2019Encyclopedia.com | All rights reserved. Joseph Henry Maurice Richard was born on August 4, 1921 in Montreal, Quebec. Encyclopedia.com. The Montreal Canadiens signed Maurice Richard in 1942 as of right-wing. Referees paid little attention to the hit and Richard went on the offensive to defend himself and returned the favor to Laycoe with a stick to the head. Richard immediately went on the radio to ask his fans to restore order, and calm prevailed the next day. [8] He made a second attempt to enlist with the military but was again turned down after x-rays revealed that his bones had not healed properly; Richard's ankle was left permanently deformed, forcing him to alter his skating style. [22] Richard's first goal was against the New York Rangers on November 8, 1942. http://www.joyofhockey.com/xRet1MauriceRichard.html (October 21, 2002). Vladimir Tarasenko Brother Who Is Keanu Yamamoto? [26], Remaining healthy throughout the season, Richard appeared in 46 of Montreal's 50 games. Tear gas bombs were exploded and the crowd turned into an angry mob. Onsime, his father, was a carpenter. Joseph Henri Maurice "Rocket" Richard PC CC OQ (/rrd/; French:[ia]; August 4, 1921 May 27, 2000) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player who played 18 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Montreal Canadiens.