528 Neal Russo, Cards Are Great, Berra Tells Keane, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 16, 1964. The train had been delayed a couple of times by Bresnahans demand that the Cardinals sleeper cars be moved from behind the engine. The clause stipulated a cap of $10,000 total in salaries for the president, secretary, treasurer, groundskeeper, press agent and attorneys. His first wife, Frances Josephine (Christian) Breadon gave birth to a daughter. 592 Rick Hummel, Herzog: Well Be Lucky To Play .500, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 7 1988. When asked if the partnership would be moving the Cardinals to the West Coast, Hannegan made it clear that the Cardinals will definitely remain in St. Louis.403, The partnership, National Sports Inc., financed the deal with a $3 million loan from First National Bank of St. Louis, $410,800 in deferred notes issued to principal shareholders, and $650,000 in cash assets.404 Saigh was registered agent for the incorporated partnership and in anticipation of the sale going through it was created a month prior to the sales completion.405, Four days after the announcement, Hannegan and Saighs financing was coming under scrutiny. [5], In 1984, one of DeWitt's business ventures, the oil company Spectrum 7, bought George W. Bush's Arbusto Energy, and in turn merged with Harken Energy in 1986. 596 New Sports Channel, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 1, 1984; Caesar, New TV Deals Yields Cards A Bonanza.. 647 Cardinals to Break Ground On New Baseball Stadium, St. Joseph News-Press, January 16, 2004. 7, From 1878-1881, watching semipro teams at the Grand Avenue Grounds, was one place where St. Louis fans could go to get their base ball fix. Chris Von der Ahe (1882-1898) Robison Brothers (1899-1911) Helene Hathaway Robison Britton (1911-1916) "The Cardinal Idea" (1917-1919) Sam Breadon (1920-1947) Fred Saigh Jr. (1948-1952) Anheuser-Busch (1953-1995) Bill DeWitt Jr. (1995-present) Chris Von der Ahe St. Louis Brown Stockings (American Association), 1882 357 Ray J. Gillespie, Ex-Cardinal Sought 5-Year Pact Even If Baseball Shut Down, The St. Louis Star and Times, November 5, 1942. Being owned by a publicly traded company was unchartered waters for major league baseball. 34 Robert Burnes,.A Century With the Globe-Democrat. Dangling the prospect that the new ballpark would spark a downtown construction boom and protect the schools did not persuade the state legislators to sign off on a financing package. 330 No Broadcasts of Ball Games to Be Sllowed Here This Year, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 3, 1934. The Cardinals calculated ownership would allow the team to tailor the stations programing around the Cardinals. 624 ONeil, New Card Owners: We Want To Win. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 23, 1995. 383 Sid C. Keener, Breadon Wavering on Sale of Cardinals; Admits Offers, The St. Louis Star and Times, June 5, 1947. The Browns owner took full advantage by throwing nightly parties at his saloon which bugged the eyes out of North St. Louis according to the St. Louis Star-Times. The Chicago team would fold before the season started. Pioneer automobile dealer Gus Halsey used the garage, was impressed with Breadons work and honesty, and offered him a job with the dealership.280 Breadon worked his way up and eventually bought the dealership. Wearied of struggling financially, Breadon lost his zest for owning the Cardinals.337 A month after the Cardinals 1934 World Series win, the Daily News in New York published a story that Oklahoma oil tycoon Lew H. Wentz had received a two-week option to buy the team. In February 1997, the Cardinal ownership put their footprint in the community, holding an event at the downtown Americas Center which became a staple of their offseason marketing campaign. Over the next eight seasons Frisch did more than that. St. Louis could not win a second consecutive World Championship, though losing, to the Detroit Wolverines 10 games to 5. 650, Busch Stadium III opened play in the 2006 season, when the St. Louis Cardinals won their 10th World Series championship. It became so profitable that the ambitious Chris bought the store from his partner for $1,125 in 1872. Accessed February 23, 2019. Von der Ahe thought the criticism was unfair, but he was undeterred. 457 Gussie, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 30, 1989. Notable Cardinals who have served as GM but gained their notoriety through other roles while with the Cardinals include former outfielder Stan Musial and manager Whitey Herzog. The brewery had a box at Sportsmans Park each season.463, But Gussie, had another objective in mind. 25 A Brilliant Game, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 31, 1883. 348 Breadon to Sell Auto Agency and Quit Business, St. Louis Star and Times, May 7, 1936. Accessed September 4, 2020. On December 23, 1915, peace was achieved. There was a complete makeover of the grandstand and new bleachers replaced the old.107 The capacity of the ballpark at Vandeventer and Natural Bridge Avenues increased to 15,200.108 In another change from the Von der Ahe regime, New Sportsmans Park was renamed League Park.109, On April 15, 1899, when Robisons St. Louis team took the field for Opening Day, they were not wearing brown but a different primary color. The Cardinals began showing improvement on the field and at the gate under Branch Rickey. They were also entertained by Joseph Postlewaites band between innings. Accessed February 23, 2019, 1-4. He was not afraid to sell any player, including Breitenstein, the St. Louis-born pitcher who was arguably his best player and main gate attraction. Von der Ahe fined second baseman Yank Robinson $25 for using foul language while in uniform. 603 Edward H. Kohn, Workers Prepare For Opening Day, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 3, 1992. Proudly wearing their Cardinal red, they have cheered with relish their favorite players, in victory or defeat. Rumors were that James C. McGill, president of the Indianapolis Club of the American Association, and St. Louis capitalist Russell E. Gardner were prospective buyers; Third, the $60,000 would not be raised. As a youth Hannegan was consumed in watching the Cardinals play at Robison Field. 419 Sid C. Keener, All Parties Silenced, The St. Louis and Star Times, March 9, 1949; $35,000 plus result in endnote above $58,520 equals $93,520. It was a donation made by Anheuser-Busch to facilitate the clubs goal of a new building.507, Gussie was so determined to make the stadium project work that the brewery signed the football team to a 30-year lease at the new stadium and turned over their share of the concessions estimated at a minimum of $400,000 per season to CCRC to be used for the loan payment to Equitable Life Assurance.508, The Cardinals new home was named Busch Memorial Stadium because of Gussies efforts to get the $5 million pledge made by the brewery.509 The Cardinals were scheduled to open the new stadium for the first home game April 13, 1966 against the Phillies. The partners said the majority of the dividend went to the holding company for operation of the Cardinals.407, On January 8, 1948, Saigh submitted Articles of Merger, which were approved by the boards of directors of the holding company, National Sports Inc. and the Cardinals, to the State of Missouri by combining the two companies creating a new entity called the St. Louis National Baseball Club Inc. 102 Caught on the Fly, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 19, 1899. Since the subscription goal was not met, those pledges were returned. 463 New Cardinals President Busch Long Active in Field Sports, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 20, 1953. The St. Louis National Baseball Club, (charter No. Early life [ edit] Fred Saigh was born in Springfield, Illinois, and grew up in Kewanee, Illinois. Through January 2017, Cardinals Care had distributed some $900,000 a year. 103 Robison, Frank de Hass, Enclyclopedia of Cleveland History, https://case.edu. The cause of death was reported as a stroke. At the New Sportsmans Park he built a race track and a shoot the chutes ride where flat-bottomed boats slid down a water ramp into an artificial lagoon. 608 Tim ONeil, Busch, Cards Breaking Up, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 26, 1995. Breadon relieved Rickey of his on-field duties on May 30, 1925 with the club in last place and a record of 13-25. Breadon and the Cardinals reaped more benefit than the Browns out of the additional capacity at Sportsmans Park. 168 Bresnahan Signs 5-Year Contract to Manage Cards, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 13, 1911; W.J. Von der Ahe lost the suit because it was proved he had assumed all the shows expenses when he purchased the show at auction.67, As these financial failures mounted, Von der Ahe traded or sold his better players. 73 Fred Fosters New Race Track, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 1, 1895; Richard Egenriether, Chris Von der Ahe: Baseballs Pioneering Huckster, NINE, Vol. One fan made that argument from San Diego, over 1,500 miles away.655 But, negotiations between DeWitt Jr. and KTRS led to the Cardinals buying a controlling interest in the station for $2 million. But Sullivan quickly antagonized the players with fines or threats of fines. The players who missed those games argued that they had regular jobs and couldnt risk losing them to play ball during the week. He argued the jumpers were still under contract to the Cardinals. However, he did have the farm system. Keane gave Brock the green light to steal and Brock blossomed. 372 Wrays Column. He was generally known as Stanley. The Brittons made their residence in Cleveland. Breadon also announced that due to the sale there would be no dividend prior to the team going to Hannegan and Saigh.390, The breakdown of the sales proceeds between shareholders was as follows: Breadon, with 81% of the shares, received $3,289,248; Mark Steinberg, if his holding of about 10% was accurate, received $406,080; Adolph M. Diez, with 4.1%, received $166,492.80 and 225 small shareholders with a cumulative 4.9% of the stock, received $198,979.20.391, St. Louis Cardinals (National League), 1948-1952 President of the Knot-Hole Organization Buys Out J.C. Jones and Others, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, May 8, 1922. Robison, still smarting over the losses in court, standings and attendance, didnt accept the challenge.137 Robison changed his mind during the off-season and came to an agreement with Hedges to hold City Series games starting before the 1903 regular season started.138, In early 1903, Robison finally received his damage settlement from Mark Hanna and Little Consolidated Railway Co. of Cleveland after years of negotiations and court appeals. Mark Sauer took over Kuhlmanns responsibilities as executive vice president and chief operating officer of the ballclub. 620 Certificate of Limited Partnership Charter Number LP 0007115, Missouri Business Filings. Lamping said the owners wanted to open the ballpark in April 2006. The team would not be sold, with the present owners remaining in charge. He raised a number of rows in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Philadelphia and kept me in hot water, Von der Ahe said. Huggins turned down a $10,000 (plus a percentage of the profits) offer for 1918 to go to the Yankees, who bettered Rickeys offer with an extra year.246, Rickey made the decision to raise revenue for the 1918 season by limiting the bleacher seats to 1,000 and increasing that seats ticket price to 30 cents.247 In wartime, that didnt work. The catcher was made the player-manager and centerpiece of the team as Stanley signed him to a three year $25,000 contract.144 Eventually, he insured him for $50,000.145 With Stanleys declining health, Bresnahan was given total responsibility for the operation of the Cardinals.146 One of Bresnahans first decisions was to cancel the City Series to better prepare his players for the full season. It was not an easy decision.568 Among the many achievements that he was proud of Gussie highlighted the purchase of the Cardinals to keep it in St. Louis for the areas fans.569, Gussie remained head of the Cardinals, but now he had to go through his son for budget approval and major expenditures by the ballclub. Fans and sportswriters did not share Breadons optimism. 3 Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. 666 Ruebblke, Ballpark Village Tower Nears Completion.. In 1916, William Sr. joined Branch Rickey and the Browns working as Rickeys assistant. The League owners deferred to her and refrained from smoking cigars during the meeting. Fred Saigh, the largest non-family shareholder of Anheuser-Busch stock, said that the sale price should be based on an arms-length transaction. On that day, past and present Cardinal players gathered at Busch Stadium to reminisce about playing for the team when they wore the Birds on the Bat.605 The brewery also supplied money for a new Cardinals Hall of Fame whose opening coincided with the beginning of the 1992 season. After the announcement around 200 irate fans stormed the ticket office and then Von der Ahes office demanding rain checks or their money. During his first 16 years of Cardinal ownership Breadon was able to pull double duty as he still ran his auto dealership. Steininger had a contracting business that did most of the work at League Park. He entered the Army as a Major in the Ordnance Department. Head of the parent company of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Michael Pulitzer, 71, owns nearly $201 million in known assets, including $105.6 million in Pulitzer Inc. and $93.9 million in. 654 Dan Caesar, Cards Flock to KTRS, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 5, 2005. Frank Robison left the Spiders in the hands of his younger brother. 21 Base Ball: The Race for American Association Championship Commenced Yesterday, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, May 3, 1882. At least six other groups talked.443, Within a month, on Friday, February 20, 1953, Fred Saigh sold the Cardinals to St. Louis brewer Anheuser-Busch and its president August A. Bing Devine remained as executive vice president and general manager.573, After finishing fifth in 1976, with no pennants on the horizon, Gussie fired Red Schoendienst, who at the time had the longest stretch as a Cardinal manager. Saigh said he had always sought to keep the team in St. Louis and Busch had agreed as the sale went through. The field was manicured to look better than it had been under Von der Ahes ownership. This was despite the creditors being satisfied and the transfer papers agreed upon plus other issues being resolved. The city additionally had agreed to a tax on sports ticket sales to fund a practice facility for the Rams. Gussie wielded his influence and power over the brewerys board of directors to get a pledge of $5 million towards $20 million in equity needed to build the stadium.499 That pledge was 25 percent of the total amount needed to fund the new stadium and was contingent on approval from the brewerys shareholders and on the remaining $15 million being raised.500 The brewerys shareholders approved Gussies pledge on April 13, 1960.501 Including Anheuser-Busch , there were 298 entities that made pledges.502 None of the others were larger than $2.5 million.503 All pledges were received by February 1964.504 With $36 million available from the loan and the first round of pledges, CCRC got the project underway in June 1962. 533 Neal Russo, Musial Replaces Howsam as GM, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 23 1967. A crowd of 2,000 was treated to the franchises first win, 9-7. After graduating from high school, he earned a B.A. The Cardinals Max Lanier, Lou Klein and Fred Martin accepted the Pasquels money and were banned from the Major Leagues.367 They later sued and won reinstatement.368 Breadons best player Stan Musial was heavily courted by the Pasquels. The St. Louis Cardinals announced Thursday that minority partner Nick Kladis died earlier this week at his home in Chicago. But before they could ever don St. Louis togs, several of the Louisville players were suspended for life for their involvement in fixing games. Just like its predecessor, Busch Stadium III has hosted many non-baseball events. It started when fans bombarded KMOX with letters requesting broadcasts of Cardinal games. This infuriated Gussie and both were traded and proved successful for their new teams.563, Trying to control the Cardinals payroll was not the only challenge Gussie was facing. He never married.106, For his first season of ownership in St. Louis, Robison had contractors get the ballpark ready for the new St. Louis Browns. The new wooden grandstand was to be built with the fans closer to the ground and more exits than before.131. Jones said with a net loss between $25,000 and $30,000 for the season any hopes of building a new Cardinal Field were shelved, but the club would not be playing in Sportsmans Park, and not moving to Kansas City.259 Heading into 1919, the Cardinals were in debt for $90,000 to its noteholders due January 25 plus $125,000 owed to the newly re-married Helene Britton Bigsby.260 If they couldnt come up with a plan to raise $215,000 they would end the first month of 1919 in foreclosure.