I took Dr. Mani for organic chem part 1 and 2 during the summer. Review of applications will begin immediately. Orgo is hard work and a lot of info that Dr. Mani helped us understand in a short period of time. The tests were not to difficult either. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Not sure why people give him a low rating. MUST TAKE HIM!!!! ", "I received my BS in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry, so I was a student of the chemistry department. He made org chem like a piece of cake. About | These laboratories contain the following major equipment: NMR 400 MHz; Flame and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer + Autosampler; Raman Spectrometer; four FT-IR Spectrometers including ATR, Ultraviolet/Visible Spectrophotometers; Near Infrared Spectrometers; Spectrofluorometer; Shimadzu RF-5301 Fluorophotometer. But he gives very little easy multiple choice homework. The school has been buying a lot of property so it will be more new and innovate buildings. Makes organic chemistry very easy. High School Faculty Institute for Chemistry Teachers Babu George Sacred Heart University, P.O. He wants to make organic the easiest class in the world. Fairfield, Connecticut, United States. CHEMISTRY Dept. Dr. Mani is the best among all professors.Extremely helpful. ", "Sacred Heart University is a private, Roman Catholic university that is located in Fairfield, Connecticut. Knowledge: The incumbent must have a basic knowledge of microbiology to accurately perform testing procedures. As stated before, Sacred Heart has many opportunities for everything you can imagine, not only for academics but also involvement on campus and in the community. Our competitive compensation and benefits programs reflect Boehringer Ingelheims high regard for our employees. He is really funny too!! ", "SHU is an incredible community suited for the brightest students looking to use their talents to benefit others. Contact. Maintain knowledge of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is required to complete job responsibilities. Homework after every class but it was 9 questions about the chapter. Bridgetport, CT is known as one of the top 3 worst cities in the state. Your submission to I personally chose to study Health Science with a concentration in pre-occupational therapy, and I have two minors in psychology and geriatric health and wellness. A PhD in Chemistry is required by the time of appointment, the end of August 2022. I have no fear of org chem any more. Although this is a Catholic university, every religious background and culture is genuinely accepted and welcomed on campus. He is really funny too even though it is kinda hard to understand him. View salary and student debt data for 60 programs. He's nice. He is by far the best professor I ever had. . Not super interactive, snooze fest. Mani is my favorite professor so far. FAQ | He has an accent, so he can be difficult to understand. BS in Chemistry-Biochemistry Concentration, MS Chemistry Chem-Bioinformatics Non-Thesis Track, MS Molecular Biochemistry Non-Thesis Track, College of Arts & Sciences Explores Varied Topics at Conference, Annual Naclerio Scholars Program Funds Two SHU Faculty Projects, Physics Professor Receives $250K from NSF to Help Advance Climate Science. I was so scared of Organic. For a better experience upgrade to Microsoft Edge. Professor in the Science department at Sacred Heart University N/A Would take again 1.5 Level of Difficulty Rate Professor Mani I'm Professor Mani Submit a Correction Check out Similar Professors in the Science Department 3.88 Linda Farber 3.50 Jennifer Mattei 3.25 J Fiddes 36 Student Ratings All courses Quality 5.0 Difficulty 1.0 CHE222 awesome It is a wise decision and I am happy about it. 92% of 34 students said this degree improved their career prospects, 82% of 34 students said they would recommend this school to others, "School was ok overall, had great professors in the Psychology and Sociology department. Model questions are great prep for exams. The incumbent can expect extended time spent in a standing position. The best chem teacher I ever had. I hadn't taken General Chemistry in 5 years and still did very well in this summer course. > I hope I can take him again!! He relates each concept to a daily life example. Must participate in cleaning schedule and maintain retain samples as required. Where teachers spend sleepless nights helping you reach your highest potential. Hope he comes back and continues to teach at SHU. Mani is the MAIN MAN. He wants to see you succeed so he ends up passing everyone anyway. You will learn absolutely nothing. There are plenty of opportunities offered that range from academic to recreational. Trust this man, he can get you to the next level. ", "The social work department at my school did a very good job of preparing the individual for a career in Social Work. Department of Chemistry and Physics. . Students who complete this track receive both BS and MS degrees. I got an A in his class and I can tell you that it is SO EASY to get a good grade. Purpose (Objective): The incumbent is responsible for performing chemical analysis on food, pharmaceutical or other samples. Track status of designated tests as assigned to ensure Client turn around time commitments are met and inform supervisor of non compliance. However, the lower scores are due to the locations of the several campuses. Teaches in a way so that you can do well in the class and on whatever "cat" test (MCAT). Students must apply to Graduate School at Sacred Heart University by the end of the first semester of their junior year. INTRODUCINGPIONEERS CONNECT! Professor Mani is the man! PDF. This is not just a school, it is my second home. You guys are lucky to have him. Prepare standards and reagents that are needed for the analysis procedure. Linda E. McMahon Student Commons Perform chemical analyses of macronutrients, micronutrients or other parameters as designated. Info Sacred Heart University (SHU)'s CHEMISTRY department has 17 courses in Course Hero with 196 documents and 19 answered questions. Make sure to take his class! Literally the easiest prof ever. Where you walk on campus and people are smiling and calling your name. People kill to get into this class for good reason. Extract desired component from sample with appropriate processes so that concentration can be determined. Provide input to create, organize, and execute a research project in pharma 4.0 to improve new chemical entities manufacturing processes. sacredheart.peoplegrove.com. Synthesis and Polymerization of (E,E)- [6.2]- (2,5)furanophane-1,5-diene, Neil D. Doppler and Jeffrey H. Glans. Take his class! It allows you to try new things and meet new people within the first week of moving in. ", "Sacred Heart's online program is ultimately worthwhile, however some of the professors left a lot to be desired, and it appeared that overall the online program was given a lot less thought than physical programs. Assist other departmental personnel with analysis tasks so that testing can proceed according to specified time limits. I was very nervous going in but he made it a piece of cake and now i LOVE orgo! 5151 Park Avenue Rudolph Autopol IV Automatic Polarimeter; Johnson Matthey Mark II Magnetic Susceptibility Balance; Jenway PFP7 Flame Photometer; Bio-Rad Experion Automated Electrophoresis System; PE 48-well Thermal Cylinder for DNA analysis; IEC Centra CL2 Benchtop Clinical Centrifuge; Classic Series C-Line Model C24 Benchtop Incubator Shaker; Labconco Tissue Culture Enclosure, Shimadzu HPLC, Shimadzu GCMS, access to Shimadzu ICP; Shimadzu TGA-51. He accepts all homework late and the homework is so easy. The diversity ranged from individuals in the club and what the goal was for each club/organization. Unfortunately, I was hardly the only student who encountered these issues. Perform necessary preventative maintenance on instrumentation according to identified schedules. Your submission to There is a multitude of opportunities to be involved on campus between clubs, organizations, special events, residential life programs, health and wellness programs, Greek life, varsity sports, and club sports. > Such an easy class. Contact. Must be willing to take a drug test and post-offer physical (if required). I have nothing but positive experiences after attending Sacred Heart for my BSW. A con is that it can seem like more resources are allocated to the biology department. Prof Chakraborty is the best. idk why people are saying that he is bad. The small class size allows students to have easy access to their professors and form professional relationships with them that open up for networking opportunities. Your submission to There is hardly any professor as caring and sweet as him. Director of Library Information and Budget at Sacred Heart University Shelton, CT. Katie Morovich Director of First Year Programs . I wish that he has taught Gen Chem also. The contemporary Catholic university is rooted in the rich Catholic intellectual tradition and the liberal arts, and at the same time cultivates students to be forward thinkers who enact changein their own lives, professions and in their communities. He's extremely hard to understand, reads off PowerPoints, all homework questions are on quilt (these are the same for tests), cancelled class 5 minutes before multiple times. To accomplish these objectives, the Chemistry program offers two degrees: the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts. Offers retake on all exams and accepts late homework. Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant. Offers retake on all exams and accepts late HW. As far as the Social Work department, it can't get much better. The exams were tough and he had a thick accent but there were ways around it. Job Description: The Department of Chemistry and Physics in the College of Arts and Sciences invites applications for a renewable non-tenure track Lecturer position in Chemistry, whose background is in either Analytical, Inorganic and/or Physical Chemistry. Too bad he only teaches orgo :(, very good, excellent pro, make class easier much as he can..he can simplify the hardest information to become easier. Perform chemical analyses such as protein, moisture, fat, ash, and other components. The incumbent may use the autoclave daily to complete the analysis process. Retrieve samples from designated areas (e.g. A global network for SHU Students and Alumni to engage, offer & receive mentorship, explore career industries and more! 4 tests and he drops the lowest one. Courses of general interest to meet core science requirements for the non-science major are also offered. Chemistry Student Publications, Tetrahydrocurcumin Improves Lipopolysaccharide-induced Myocardial Dysfunction By Inhibiting Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Via JNK/ERK Signaling Pathway Regulation, Hanzhao Zhu, Liyun Zhang, Hao Jia, Lu Xu, Yu Cao, Mengen Zhai, Kaifeng Li, Lin Xia, Liqing Jiang, Xiang Li, Yenong Zhou, Jincheng Liu, Shiqiang Yu, and Weixun Duan, Design of a More Stable Phantom for Combined NIR and X-ray Imaging, Stephen Bader and Jonathan Carpenter, Integrated Screening for Covid-19 Inhibitors Identification of Pharmaceutical Hits and Theoretical Lead Optimization, Kerin Ingegneri, Integrated Screening for Beta-Lactamases Inhibitors Identification of Pharmaceutical Hits and Lead Optimization, Todd J. Sullivan, Hussein W. Kafel, Kayla Bedel-Franklin, Charles A. Burt, Eric J. Bayer, Leticia De Souza, Tessa Peredy, Morgan A. Voulo, Zachary Galasinski, Douglas Fleischmann, Kerin Ingegneri, Benjamin Alper, and Joseph Audie, Science of Batteries, Nathaniel Barone, Stephen Bader, Kaya Tolga, and Michael Altis, Oxidation of Secondary Aromatic Alcohols, Stephen Baer and Hao Jia, Peptide-Functionalized Magnetically-Active Nanoparticles for Targeted Manipulation of Amyloid Fibrils, Nicholas Fusco, Methods of Prioritizing Knowledge Work in Comparison to Lean Methods, Hunter Hatlee, Molecular Determinants of Substrate Specificity in Human Insulin-degrading Enzyme, Lazaros Stefanidis, Nicholas D. Fusco, Samantha E. Cooper, Jilian E. Smith-Carpenter, and Benjamin J. Alper, Bisubstrate Kinetics of Glutathione S-Transferase: A Colorimetric Experiment for the Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory, Lazaros Stefanidis, Krystal V. Scinto, Monica I. Strada, and Benjamin J. Alper, Integrated Screening for Arginase Inhibitors, Todd J. Sullivan, Sushma Sree Bondela, Renee Russo, Evan Jones, Hatoon Albilady, Benjamin Alper, and Joseph Audie, Computational Design of Novel Insulin Degrading Enzyme Inhibitors, Todd J. Sullivan, Sushma Sree Bondela, Naveena Tamma, Brad Cingolani, Andrew ONeill, Alec Finelli, Benjamin Alper, and Joseph Audie, Multi-Regression Factors Influencing Textile Dye Adsorption on Activated Carbon, Sarah Aanonsen, Application of Factorial Design in the Analysis of Factors Influencing Textile Dye Adsorption on Activated Carbon, Eid A. Alkhatib, Penny A. Snetsinger, Ahmad Alanazi, and Sarah Aanonsen, A Better Way to Synthesize Ketones, Sarah Zupetz, Maggie Filja, Stephen Baer, and Callie J. Cullen, Prediction of Metal Remobilization from Sediments under Various Physical/ Chemical Conditions Design of Experiments Cd, Co and Pb, Eid A. Alkhatib, Trey Chabot, and Danielle Grunzke, Synthesis and Polymerization of (E,E)-[6.2]-(2,5)furanophane-1,5-diene, Neil D. Doppler and Jeffrey H. Glans, Optimization of Microwave-Enhanced Williamson Ether Synthesis of 1-ethoxydodecane, Kevin Hess and Linda Farber, Home | He speaks very fast and if you don't know the material before taking the class it might be difficult. This position requires a basic level of knowledge in both wet and instrumental chemistry procedures to perform analysis on samples. there's literally no way to fail this class. As well as take home quizzes which are a great grade booster. He always accepts late work and offers retakes. The Department of Chemistry and Physics in the College of Arts and Sciences invites applications for arenewable non-tenure track Lecturer position in Chemistry, whose background is in either Analytical, Inorganic and/or Physical Chemistry. Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering or chemistry with a good publication record. Lots of work, lectures are directly off of a slide and material heavy. ", "Sacred Heart University is the type of school where you are family, not just a number. He is such a cute and funny man. This position is part of the global Boehringer Ingelheim Post-Doctoral Program https://careers.boehringer-ingelheim.com/post-doc/. Sacred Heart University. Excellent teacher. He would ask the students when the tests are and even what chapter we were covering. All of these organizations have allowed me to create distinct connections with individuals who impacted my ambition to achieve a masters degree. ", "Sacred Heart University is a small campus that is located in the Fairfield/Bridgeport area of Connecticut. However, the biggest problem that I encountered with this school was the administration. Lectures are really boring, not very interactive. Students who enter this university are entering a connected and loving family filled with hardworking and determined individuals. I was involved with many organizations on campus, but focused on volunteering and my studies. search offerup nationwide,
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